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About us

The Language Service offers a range of translation and proof-reading services. As part of FAU’s internationalisation strategy, the Language Service is responsible for translating key documents and texts from German into English, such as information brochures, forms, press releases and the main FAU website.

In addition, our services are open to all FAU members, usually subject to a fee. We offer translations between German and English and proof-reading of English and German documents, such as publications and grant applications, which may be of particular interest to members of the University working in an international environment. We are also able to provide certified translations.

Please note that the languages we work with are German and English. Other language combinations may be available upon request.

The Language Service translates a wide variety of texts between German and English. These include the following:
  • websites and brochures for individual departments and institutes
  • research publications
  • grant applications

Many aspects of research and university study are becoming increasingly international and there is often a demand for texts to be written in English. At the same time, international students and researchers may be required to write in German. The Language Service provides proof-reading services for English and German documents and texts, such as the following:
  • research publications
  • grant applications
  • brochures and flyers

All translation and proof-reading services which are not provided as part of the University’s internationalisation strategy are subject to a fee. These services are open to all FAU members. Details of costs are available in our flyer. Please contact us to request a quotation. After we have received the documents to be translated or proof-read, you will be sent an individual quotation, including a possible delivery date. Processing times depend on the available capacities.

To help us process your order as smoothly as possible, please take note of the information below.

The customer is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of content in the source text, such as links, addresses or office hours.

When ordering translation or proof-reading services, the text you send must be the finalised version. Any changes made to the source text after an order has been confirmed will result in additional costs and longer processing times.

Please send documents in Microsoft Word format (.docx or .doc). Other formats are also possible but may be subject to additional costs or longer processing times; please ask for details. Finished translations and proof-read documents will be returned in the original format. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the formatting is preserved if the text is later converted to a different format.

Files should only contain the text which is to be translated or proof-read, therefore:

  • no documents with track changes activated
  • no documents with comments
  • no documents with highlighting (e.g. ‘only translate the text highlighted in yellow’)
  • any background information should be provided in separate reference documents and indicated as such
  • any terminology which should be used for translations should be provided in a separate document

Please also ensure that there are no hard line breaks at the beginning of a new line. Hard line breaks often appear at the beginning of lines when text is copied and pasted from other sources, especially pdf files.

Unless otherwise specified by the customer, our translations are done in British English.

More helpful tips are available in the American Translators Association’s guide Buying Translation – Getting it Right.

Project management: Susanne Jäckle

Translators:  Daniel McCosh, Deirdre Rieker, Carol Quillevéré

Administration: Beate Votteler

Phone: +49 9131 8526000

FAU’s Language Service has created an online German-English glossary using the software Lookup. The glossary contains both FAU-specific terminology and general terminology related to higher education. The aims of the glossary are to provide a reliable source of German and English terminology that is quick and easy to use, to promote consistent use of current terminology, and to help avoid misunderstandings that can result from the use of different terms.

The glossary can be accessed online at any time and is also available from outside the University network.

Terms currently accessible for reference include officially approved translations of the names of the University Administration’s departments, the names of FAU degree programmes, terms for examination types, and general terms used in higher education and quality management. The glossary is being expanded continuously with additional terminology.

The Language Service is also able to create individual glossaries – such as for research groups or institutes – that can only be accessed by authorised users. Please contact us for more information and conditions.

If you have any questions about Lookup or would like to suggest a term for translation, please contact us at

Link to glossary:

If you cannot find a term in Lookup, check that you are using the search function correctly – it may help to use an asterisk * as a placeholder. It is also important to set the language correctly. Make sure that English is set first as the source language on the navigation bar if you are looking for an English term. Please see the online help for more information.
If you are experiencing problems displaying the online help in Internet Explorer, please disable compatibility mode.