Highest marks in several disciplines

FAU successful in new CHE University Ranking 2012

Students taking a degree in geography at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) feel particularly well supported. Moreover, they judged both the feasibility of studying their subject and the infrastructure in terms of buildings and rooms excellent. This is the result of the 2012 University Ranking conducted by the Centre for Higher Education (CHE). FAU Geosciences also excelled in the ranking with students praising the broad range of field trips on offer. Several other disciplines at FAU likewise achieved outstanding results in the CHE Ranking. CHE compared over 300 universities and universities of applied sciences in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Highlights of FAU faculty results: Faculty of Science

FAU Biologists are in the top group with regard to their number of citations in scientific research. Maths students are pleased with the new building and the excellent facilities there. The Department of Physics offers students outstanding opportunities for placements abroad.

Faculty of Medicine

The CHE ranking gave excellent marks to FAU Medicine with regard to the staff-to-student ratio. FAU Dentistry was acclaimed for its vast number of scientific publications. Moreover, students were particularly satisfied with the dental treatment chairs.

Results for individual disciplines:

FAU Sports Scientists were highly successful in raising research funding. FAU Computer Sciences belong to the top group in terms of e-learning programmes.

CHE gather the data for their ranking once every year. Each time, the positioning of one third of all subjects is re-assessed. The 2012 ranking focused on the subjects biology, chemistry, physics, geosciences and geography, mathematics, computer science, pharmacy, medicine, dentistry, nursing science, and sports science. As well as facts on studying, teaching, equipment and research, the study includes students’ responses on general aspects of studying at their university or university of applied sciences.

The complete results can be found at:

uni | media service | news No. 82 on 30.4.2012

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