4000 euros donated to FAU’s refugee programme

Prof. Dr. Joachim Hornegger, FAU President, Dr. Brigitte Perlick, head of the Central Office for International Affairs, Dr. Thomas Krusche, deputy head of the Student Advice and Career Service, and Ursula Ertl, University Ball organiser, with the cheque for FAU’s refugee programme (Image: FAU/Boris Mijat)

Money raised through tombola to help refugees learn language and prepare for studies

This year’s University Ball wasn’t just a great evening out for the 2000 guests at the sold-out Meistersingerhalle, it also brought a smile to the faces of the members of the Association for Promoting Internationalisation at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg when FAU President Prof. Dr. Joachim Hornegger and University Ball organiser Ursula Ertl presented Association representatives Dr. Brigitte Perlick and Dr. Thomas Krusche with 4000 euros raised through the tombola.

‘We will use this money to support refugees taking part in our courses in the coming summer semester that aim to prepare them to study at FAU. We will probably have a total of 138 participants with intermediate language proficiency or better who will be offered German courses as well as workshops on adapting to university life,’ Dr. Perlick explains in answer to the question of how the funding will be spent. ‘Around 80 more students will be able to participate in our lower level evening courses that will be run by student volunteers from our Teaching German as a Second Language degree programme,’ she continues. The Association’s planned use of the money will mainly support refugees who should be able to start their studies later this year. Some of the funding will also be used to cover transport costs.

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