FAU performs excellently again in the 2016 U-Multirank

Image: U-Multirank
Image: U-Multirank

U-Multirank rates FAU as among the world's best for research and knowledge transfer

FAU has demonstrated its strength in research and its powers of innovation once again, receiving an excellent rating in the international U-Multirank university ranking in the Research and Knowledge Transfer categories for the third year running in 2016.

In the Research category FAU was rated ‘very good’ for the indicators number of research publications, external research income, citation rate and postdoctoral positions. The University also performed excellently in the Knowledge Transfer category, with top marks for co-publications with industry partners, income from private sources, patents awarded (both to researchers working alone and researchers working with partners in industry) and publications cited in patents.

FAU’s excellent performance in both categories is mirrored in the assessments of individual subjects. Each year U-Multirank compares selected subjects, with this year’s comparison looking at mathematics, biology, chemistry and history. Mathematics received top marks for five of the seven indicators in the Research category (external research income, number of doctoral candidates, citation rate, top cited publications and interdisciplinary publications). Biology performed particularly well in the Knowledge Transfer category, receiving an excellent rating for all three indicators (income from private sources, co-publications with industrial partners and publications cited in patents). Chemistry was rated most highly for the number of doctoral candidates, co-publications with industrial partners and publications cited in patents. History was especially successful in terms of external research income.

International orientation also rated highly

FAU also performed well in the other categories. In the International Orientation category, the University was judged ‘very good’ with regard to the number of international researchers. The indicators international joint publications, student mobility and foreign language Master’s degree programmes were rated ‘good’. In the Regional Engagement category, FAU was ranked particularly highly for income from regional sources, while in the Teaching and Learning category it received high marks for its Master’s graduation rate.

U-Multirank is an international university ranking published by the European Commission. It compares over 1300 universities from more than 90 countries with regard to their performance as a whole in five categories – Research, Knowledge Transfer, Teaching and Learning, International Orientation, and Regional Engagement – and rates a selection of individual subjects each year. The idea behind this is to help school pupils and students find the right university. Unlike other rankings, U-Multirank does not calculate overall ranks for individual higher education institutions.

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