Top things to do in your free time


Whether you play the violin, like having a kick-around or feel most at home on the stage, the University has plenty to offer outside of lectures and the library.


With options as diverse as aikido, tango and lacrosse, there is hardly any sport that you can’t get involved in through University Sports. Of course the more traditional sports like football, tennis and swimming are included in the wide range on offer too. University Sports runs courses in around 70 different sports each semester. The costs are low, so they’re the perfect opportunity to try something new.
For example, why not have a go at sailing? The University’s water sports centre is located by the Brombachsee lake. Beginners and intermediate level sailors can take part in courses there to gain sailing qualifications. If you are already qualified, you can hire a boat from the centre.

There are a range of keep-fit courses including aerobics, tae bo and fitness gymnastics where you’ll exercises muscles you never knew you had. You can also go for a workout at the University Sports gym.

The martial arts courses include karate, tai chi and kung fu. If that’s not your style, you might prefer ballet, zumba, climbing or yoga – to name just a few of the alternatives. Whether you prefer indoor or outdoor, individual or team sports, there’s something for everyone. You can also meet new people who are interested in the same sports through the ‘Find a sport partner’ service.


If you’d like to try your hand at making TV or radio programmes, check out funklust by dropping in on one of the production meetings. funklust offers a seminar for those who are new to radio and video journalism once a semester where they learn the basics of digital radio and video. If you don’t see yourself as a producer but you like good music and want to stay up-to-date with the latest news from the University, it’s always worth listening to and watching the FAU radio and TV stations.

On Mondays funklust broadcasts ‘auftakt’ from 6 to 8 p.m., a show which brings you the latest news, brand new music and reports on what’s going on at the University to start the week. On Tuesdays from 6 to 8 p.m. ‘Freiraum’ provides tips on local festivals and what’s going on in Erlangen at the weekend. On Thursdays from 6 to 8 p.m. ‘mischpult’ gives you the latest on culture and music. There are also studio performances by bands broadcasting live from the studio.

The funklust Youtube channel is where you’ll find its videos, including entertaining interviews with well-known actors, film reviews, reports on the University and much more.


Are you a singer? Or do you play an instrument? FAU offers plenty of opportunities for the musically inclined. Take a look at the information provided by Erlanger Universitätsmusik and the ensembles co-ordinated by Music Education in Nuremberg to find the right group for you.

Classical musicians can join one of the choirs – Akademische Chor or Kammerchor – or the Collegium musicum, the University’s symphony orchestra. The Blechbläserensemble brass band plays classical music from the early baroque to the modern era. It regularly plays at the University’s church services and often entertains guests at various events.
If you prefer popular music, you might be interested in joining the Big Band or the Jazz Band. Experienced singers can take part in the Vokalensemble.

Provided there is sufficient capacity, students can take singing and instrument lessons during the semester. There are also practice rooms available, such as in the recently renovated Orangery in Erlangen, which are a great place to meet your fellow musicians if you prefer play in a group.

The highlights of every semester are the concerts. Whether it’s a small chamber music performance, the big university concert, the rock stage or a whole musical – the many hours of practice will have all been worth it when the audience bursts into applause after the last note has rung out.


Budding journalists who love to write can get involved in V – the student magazine. Students from all subjects are invited to write articles on topics related to student life. Keen photographers can also contribute to the magazine. If you want to see the articles before everyone else, you can become a proofreader. Before each edition is printed the layout has to be determined – and volunteers are always welcome for this task too. A new edition of the magazine, which was launched in the winter semester 2014/15, is published at the beginning of every semester. You can pick up a free copy from various locations around the University in Erlangen and Nuremberg. If you’d like to support the editorial team of around 20 students, just come and introduce yourself at the next meeting.


Discussing current political issues with delegates from other countries and making decisions about draft resolutions are tasks normally reserved for high-level diplomats, but students from universities around the world, including FAU, get to do this too at the National Model United Nations (NMUN). You could be there at the negotiations in New York City representing a UN member state in various bodies, specialised agencies and committees. At the start of the winter semester FAUMUN begins preparing for an international conference the next spring.
Here you can learn negotiation strategies and how to structure a public speech. You will also find out about the United Nations, gain specialist knowledge about the country you’re representing and gain the professional skills of a diplomat.

In spring, around 20 FAU students travel to the National Model United Nations at a location such as New York to represent ‘their country’ in negotiations.


Every summer ‘ARENA…of the young Arts’ brings modern international theatre to Erlangen. For one week the city becomes a stage where young talents present their productions, with performances ranging from drama, dance and physical theatre to readings. The performances and the locations are unconventional and experimental, which has earned ARENA fame beyond the city.

However, the majority of the event managers are not full-time employees but FAU students. Each year they put on a great festival which has become one of the highlights of the cultural calendar. The students are not just involved with the organisational side of the event which has been running for 20 years: each year ARENA produces a piece with a group from the previous year that premieres at the next festival.

The ARENA team is always looking for new members. If you would like to get involved, you can get in touch via (German).

There are also are wide range of student initiatives at FAU that you can take part in: (German)

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frisch! – 2016 issue

The latest issue of frisch! explains almost everything that you need to know as a new student at the University, such as which services are available to help make sure you get off to a good start and how to find accommodation.

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