Erlangen or Nuremberg?

Die historische Altstadt Nürnbergs (Bild:

One university, two cities. And both of them have plenty to offer beyond the lecture theatres and laboratories. We asked two insiders for their tips on what to see and do in the cities.

Nuremberg: a vibrant metropolis

Lukas is in his seventh semester studying business education at FAU and currently lives in the St. Peter student accommodation.

FAU student Lukas at Nuremberg Castle

Not a secret, but always worth a visit: Lukas recommends having a picnic at the Imperial Castle in Nuremberg. (Image: FAU/Giulia Iannicelli)

I normally study in my room or a study room, because I’m the kind of student who needs total silence to concentrate. Sometimes I also repeat things out loud, which would bother other students if I studied in the library.

When the weather is good…

The garden at my student accommodation, St. Peter, the Wöhrder Wiese and the Pegnitzgrund to catch a bit of sun even during the exam period and because you can have barbecues at the Pegnitzgrund.

And when it rains…

There are plenty of cafés, like Bar Celona, in the city centre. Even when nothing else is happening, there’s normally an exciting FIFA match.

I especially like Nuremberg because…

Despite its size and all the people living here, you can still get to know the city well.

When I go out in the evenings…

We meet at someone’s flat to have a couple of drinks before going out and then the discussion starts. Where are we going to go tonight?! I like everything that has a good beat, so I’ll go everywhere, from Mach eins and Stereo to King Lui.

You can meet nice people…

Everywhere. I’ve had really funny conversations while waiting at a traffic light or at the local registration office. It all comes down you. If you’re open, Nuremberg and the people here are mostly open to you too.

My recommendation for culture in Nuremberg…

The historical rock-cut cellars. And no one has ever complained about a simple picnic at the Imperial Castle when the weather is good.

Bergkirchweih: yea or nay?

The Bergkirchweih in Erlangen! Going is an absolute MUST. You normally don’t get a good spot, but you can find good music and beer and meet new people.

Rock im Park or Bardentreffen?

I think the Bardentreffen festival is something special. The combination of bands from all over the world who stand on street corners and play music is phenomenal.

Last but not least, my insider tip for Nuremberg…

The ‘Liebesinsel’ in the city centre. You can just put your feet in the water and relax.

Erlangen: a small city with a lot to offer

FAU student Katharina at the Berg

According to Katharina, a visit to the ‘Berg’ each year is a must (Image: FAU/Franziska Sponsel)

Katharina has lived in a shared flat since she did her Bachelor’s degree at FAU. Now she is working on her Master’s degree in Media, Ethics, and Religion in her second semester.

For studying…

The main library, because I can concentrate fully on my work without any distractions there.

When the weather is good…

I like to relax in the Schlossgarten, because it’s such a peaceful place to be when the sun is shining. I always see someone I know there.

And when it rains…

I hole up in one of the many cafés. My tip: Amir, right around the corner from the Kollegienhaus, is THE coffee man.

I especially like that…

Erlangen is clearly a student town. Not too big and not too small. It’s easy to get to Nuremberg if you want a change of scenery – perfect for studying.

When I go out in the evenings…

There are plenty of bars to choose from. It’s a great way to unwind with friends from the daily routine of studying.

You can meet nice people…

At student initiatives or university sport classes.

My recommendation for culture in Erlangen…

The [ki´ta:so] short film festival at Lammlichtspielen.

Bergkirchweih: yea or nay?

The Bergkirchweih is an essential part of life in Erlangen. You don’t have to be there for all the festivities, but a year without heading to the Berg at least once just isn’t done.

Rock im Park or Bardentreffen?

Neither nor: I prefer Klassik Open Air.

My personal event highlight in Erlangen…

Besides the Bergkirchweih, my favourite events are the different Christmas markets in the region.

Last but not least, my insider tip for Erlangen…

The pub quiz at Granny Macs. The pub is full on Monday evenings. You can sit together with your friends and puzzle over the right answers while enjoying good burgers.


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