FAU among the most innovative universities in Europe

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Bild: FAU/Georg Pöhlein

Number 2 in Germany, number 6 in Europe

FAU is synonymous with innovation: In Reuters latest ranking of Europe’s most innovative universities, FAU is ranked at number 6. This is in line with last year’s position. FAU also remains at second place among German universities.

Although at first glance Europe’s most innovative universities appear to have little in common – there are just as many denominational, state and private universities occupying the top spots as traditional establishments and some which are just a few years or a few decades old – they do share one thing: their power of innovation.

The top university in Europe is KU Leuven in Belgium, followed by Imperial College in London and the University of Cambridge. In sixth place, FAU is ranked above renowned universities such as the University of Oxford and ETH Zurich, and is one of only two German universities to make it into the top ten. FAU has maintained its excellent position as number 2 in Germany from last year’s ranking.

In measuring innovation, the ranking system takes ten different parameters into account – including research publications, patent applications, and collaboration projects with industry. FAU conducts research in collaboration with major international companies such as Siemens and adidas. Joint projects explore issues such as renewable energies, health, medical technologies and future materials.