What is really important for a successful start at university?


Welcome to FAU! You’re ready to dive into student life. What is really important for a successful start at university? The magazine frisch! asked people who were sure to be in the know: students at FAU.


Hanisa (26), Lexikographie

Student Hanisa

Image: FAU/Erich Malter

The city of Erlangen has kind of everything, you only need to know where to find it. The public library is especially beautiful. Here, you can read all kinds of books – or you can borrow them. I never buy books
about sport, hobbies or health, because I can find all the latest books in the public library. So, this is my tip for book lovers!

Rahul (23), Medizintechnik

Student Rahul

Image: FAU/Franziska Sponsel

The buses and trains within our region operate with good frequency. For those who use the public transport every day, I recommend to buy the full time semester ticket. Make use of the semester ticket to travel and explore new places all over the VGN area. For travel outside this area, always check for discount tickets on the website of Deutsche Bahn. It is always possible to find time to travel, not only during the holidays but also during the semester. Flight tickets to destinations across Europe can be bought for as cheap as 10 euros, thanks to those commercial airlines.


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