Now available: the new FAU t-shirts

The new FAU t-shirt for 2018 showing the founding members and University charter and the pale blue college-style t-shirt are now available. (Image: FAU)

FAU t-shirts available for order at

It was a neck and neck race – 34 percent of students and university employees voted for the grey t-shirt showing the founders and University charter to become the FAU t-shirt of 2018. With 33 percent of votes cast, the pale blue t-shirt in college style came in at second place (results can be found in the student blog meineFAU). Both t-shirts are now available in the FAU online shop.


Prof. Dr. Joachim Hornegger and a student in front of the fountain in the Schlossgarten.

Student Theo and the FAU President are already proud owners of the new FAU t-shirts. (Image: FAU/Rebecca Kleine Möllhoff)

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