Three million euros for lexicography degree programme

Another funding phase for the European Master's degree programme in lexicography has been approved by Erasmus Mundus. (Image: Erich Malter)
Another funding phase for the European Master's degree programme for lexicography has been approved by Erasmus Mundus. (Image: Erich Malter)

FAU's EMLex Master's degree programme has been evaluated as the best Erasmus Mundus programme throughout Europe.

From Armenia via Macedonia and Malaysia to Vietnam. This is not the route of a round the world trip, but the countries of origin of students. It shows just how international the European Master’s degree in Lexicography (EMLex) at FAU really is. The 50 EMLex students on the Erasmus Mundus programme admitted to FAU and all other partner universities since 2016 come from 27 different countries. The EU has now approved funding of three million euros from Erasmus Mundus for a further phase for EMLex. The application submitted by FAU’s lexicography experts received the best assessment of the total of 112 submitted funding applications. The Erasmus Mundus Programme supports degree programmes with a special international focus in order to increase cooperation between various countries and the mobility of students.

EMLex will be available as an Erasmus Mundus degree programme until 2024. This means that comprehensive scholarships are available for a further four annual intakes and applications for the next winter semester can be submitted from 1 November. The scholarship covers living costs of up to 1000 euros for the entire duration of the Master’s degree programme as well as travel expenses related to study. The three previous annual intakes for EMLex have already benefited from the scholarship, with 43 students having received funding from Erasmus Mundus since 2016.

The EMLex interdisciplinary degree programme was set up in 2009. It teaches the theory of how dictionaries are produced at an international level, but at the same time is highly practice oriented. On the one hand, students complete internships at well-known dictionary publishing companies such as Duden or PONS, and on the other, all students spend time abroad. In the second semester, the entire annual intake studies at one of the partner universities, which are located in countries such as Hungary or Spain. A different university is host every semester. This year, EMLex students went to Nancy in France.

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