True love at FAU

Die glücklichen Gewinner Vera und Martin Seeburg auf dem Schlossgartenfest (Bild: FAU/Georg Pöhlein)

FAU’s annual Schlossgartenfest is a great reason for many alumni to return to their alma mater, as was the case for Vera and Martin Seeburg who won two tickets to the event in a prize draw. And as luck would have it, the newly-weds even finished their week of wedding celebrations by watching the fireworks at midnight at the Schlossgartenfest. We wanted to capture this lovely moment and decided to interview Vera and Martin Seeburg.

Vera, what did you and your husband study at FAU and when did you both graduate?

Martin studied Education and History and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 2016. I gained a Bachelor’s degree in History and Medieval Latin and then a Master’s degree in History with a focus on Bavarian and Franconian Regional History, also graduating in 2016.

Where did you go after graduating?

First we went to Erfurt for a year because I started a job at a publishing house. Martin became a tour guide in Erfurt during this time and started a Master’s degree in Museum Education at Leipzig University. We now live near Stuttgart. In 2018, Martin accepted a position as a museum education officer at the new Stadtmuseum in Stuttgart where I also work as a museum guide.

It all started in the student cafeteria at Langemarckplatz.

Where did you meet?

We first met in 2012 in the cafeteria at Langemarckplatz, where we often had rehearsals. Martin and I were both members of Studiobühne Erlangen e.V. theatre society. The first play we both performed in was also staged at the cafeteria. I played a vampire and Martin was the sole surviving human being in the play. We then also took some of the same seminars in history. We got together in June 2014 after being good friends for a couple of years.

Where will you be spending your honeymoon?

We went to the Bavarian Forest for a couple of days straight after our wedding reception. We stayed in a small cabin, which was a little isolated, but quite luxurious on the inside. We then finished off our week of wedding celebrations in Erlangen at the Schlossgartenfest. We’re planning a longer trip next year, but we still have to decide where we want to go.

What did you think of the Schlossgartenfest?

We were very pleased to have the opportunity to return to Erlangen for the occasion. Then, as we got to the Schlossgarten, we were immediately captivated by the atmosphere. There were so many people in lovely evening dresses and suits and the mood in general was very elegant and refined. The lights are always the best part, especially as it starts getting dark, as they always create a very special atmosphere of their own. And the fireworks at the end of the night were spectacular. It also happened to be Martin’s birthday, so watching the fireworks on his special day was a particular treat for him.

What is your fondest memory from studying at FAU?

There are lots of great moments that we both like to look back on, starting with the initial freedom you feel as a new student finally living by yourself, various parties in our halls of residence, and academic achievements like getting our first good grades. And in the end, of course, the great sense of achievement of finally being able to hold your hard-earned Bachelor’s or Master’s degree certificate in your hands. We’re both very interested in Bavarian and Franconian regional history, and have happy memories of the conferences we were lucky enough to attend.

What was your favourite place at FAU or in Erlangen or Nuremberg and why?

That’s easy – the cafeteria at Langemarckplatz, because that’s where we first met. And Frankenhof in Erlangen, which is currently being rebuilt, is also one of our favourite spots. We performed in several plays there with the Studiobühne theatre society. The lawn in front of the Frankenhof building was a great place in the summer to do some studying together or just relax in the sun. The Bergkirchweih beer festival is also one of our most favourite places as it’s where we got together on a certain evening in June 2014.

Many thanks for your time, Vera.

(Interview: Rebecca Kleine Möllhoff, July 2018)

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