Now available to download: The new semester ticket

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The semester tickets for summer semester 2019

The semester tickets for the summer semester have arrived (validity period starting on 1 April 2019). The contribution for the basic ticket is paid when you re-register (or when first-year students enrol). All you need to do now is download or print the basic ticket. The (optional) additional ticket costs 208.40 euros and can be ordered directly.

Bear this in mind before the ticket inspector comes!

The semester tickets are available in the ‘VGN Fahrplan & Tickets’ app and in the VGN online shop, where the basic and additional ticket are available for printing or as a mobile phone ticket (there is no additional charge for the basic ticket as it is covered by your student contribution when you re-register or enrol). You can also purchase the additional ticket from VAG, infra, ESTW and DB ticket machines or in OVF buses. For more information on the tickets, visit:

More information about the semester ticket


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