Artificial Intelligence at FAU – The Digital Health Innovation Platform

Image: FAU/Michael Zimmerhackel

AI especially visible in health sector

In what domains is AI most promising – and useful? That´s what we asked Tobias Zobel, manager at d.hip – the Digital Health Innovation Platform. The Digital Health Innovation Platform (d.hip) is a cooperative network founded by FAU, Universitätsklinikum Erlangen, the Medical Valley EMN and Siemens Healthineers. Its goal is to actively promote the digitization of medicine and the healthcare system. d.hip serves as a platform for the transdisciplinary development of new products and solutions. At the same time, it enables those involved to have suitable conditions for practical research and development and more speed in the innovation cycle.

Being the most innovative university in Germany, FAU has been strong in the subject of Artificial Intelligence for the past five decades. As a full spectrum university FAU pursues an interdisciplinary approach on this topic. With the newly launched FAU AI MAP the different disciplines are brought even closer together and move AI to a new level – true to the university motto “Knowledge in Motion”:

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