Where? How? Why?

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Whoever knows FAU's various online offers and how to use them, has a head start! (Image: FAU/David Hartfiel)

Missed a lecture? Can’t decipher your notes? Don’t worry! FAU has a wide range of online services and portals that will support you throughout your studies.

The first step

In order to use the many online services and the University’s computer rooms you have to activate your Idm account. You will find your Idm username and activation password in the letter you received when you enrolled. Use these details to log in at www.idm.fau.eu. Once you have done this your student ID card – your FAUcard – will be created automatically and sent to you by post. But you’ll still need to remember the web address for the future, as this is where to go to reset your password or change your address.


When you activate your account at www.idm.fau.eu it is important that you activate your FAU e-mail address. Important information from the Student Records Office and the Examinations Office, for example, on topics such as re-registration dates will be sent to this address. You can choose to have e-mails that are sent to this address forwarded to another e-mail address. You can also use your FAU e-mail address on applications or in other situations where you need a professional address.

Safe in the university cloud

Cloud storage is very practical, but it needs to be secure. With the FAUbox you can save documents, images, music, videos and more, and synchronise them across several devices – easily, securely and reliably. You can access your files from anywhere and share them with other people.

Computer skills

Whether it’s compiling PowerPoint slides for a presentation or formatting a written assignment, you can learn a variety of tips and tricks for using different programmes on www.kurse.rrze.fau.de (German).

Study at home

StudOn allows you to study from home, go over material from lectures and seminars, and prepare for exams. There you’ll find lecture notes, timetables, material for tutorials and exams, recordings of complete lectures and much more. You can also discuss things with other students and lectures through the forums and chat function.

Always up-to-date

The FAU website is the place to go for updates on current developments in teaching and research, as well as news for students. You will find information about courses and lectures that aren’t part of the regular programme, degree programmes and scholarships, as well as current notices from the Examinations Office and Student Records Office there. You can also subscribe to news via RSS feed. Take a look at www.fau.de / www.fau.eu. You’ll also receive the FAU newsletter with key information and dates around once every two weeks. You don’t need to subscribe to this – it will be sent to your FAU e-mail address automatically.

Keep up-to-date with FAU

What’s my professor’s e-mail address? Which room is my seminar in? What’s on the menu today at the restaurants? With the free FAU app everything from addresses, restaurant menus and study plans to the FAU social media channels is available on your phone wherever and whenever you need it. You can even use it to research books or find your way around using the navigation function.

Your Prof in MP3 format

Missed a lecture? Can’t decipher your notes? Don’t worry! You can find a wide range of video and audio recordings of FAU lectures and presentations on the FAU video portal (German) and in the Apple iTunes store under ‘iTunes U’ – free of charge, of course. You can download them to listen to or watch on your computer at home or on a portable device while you’re on the move. If you’re not a Mac user, you’ll need to download iTunes to make use of the service. The video portal can be accessed via any browser.

Everything according to (study) plan

You can find all courses that are offered at FAU in a given semester and can create your own study plan at www.univis.fau.de (German). There is also a complete telephone and e-mail directory of all staff at the University.

Into the wireless network

To ensure you can access the online services any time, there are 1,600 WiFi access points at FAU. They cover all locations in the city centre and the Southern Campus in Erlangen, as well as locations in Nuremberg, Fürth, Tennenlohe, and Bamberg.

The perfect tool

You can find the right software for your studies at www.software.rrze.fau.de (German). Many of the products are also available for private use.

An online guide to starting at FAU

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