Of attoseconds and nanometres

Laser physicist Dr. Michael Krüger has been awarded the prestigious Starting Grant from the European Research Council (ERC) (Image: Oren Pedatzur)

FAU supports successful ERC Starting Grant

FAU supports winning ERC grant application Just shortly after Dr. Andreas Ramming was awarded the ERC Starting Grant, FAU can celebrate another success. Laser physicist Dr. Michael Krüger has also received the prestigious ERC Starting Grant. Although Krüger has been appointed as an assistant professor at Technion in Haifa, Israel, the Institute of Laser Physics led by Prof. Dr. Peter Hommelhoff at FAU was instrumental in the successful grant application while Krüger was at the University. The Institute of Laser Physics at FAU is pleased to have contributed to this success. ‘Although we had originally expected that Michael Krüger would return to FAU, his appointment to a such a renowned institution as Technion shows the excellent calibre of young researchers at FAU,’ says Prof. Hommelhoff.

With the 1.7 million euros awarded by the ERC Grant, Dr. Krüger and his team will attempt to measure the dynamic behaviour of electrons in molecules and nanostructures at extremely high resolutions in attoseconds and nanometres. In this way, the researchers aim to gain deep insights into chemical and physical processes, in particular through mechanisms in quantum mechanics that allow electrons to interact. Prof. Hommelhoff’s team are also investigating precisely this area which is an excellent basis for future cooperation.

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