FAU Shenzhen Fall School 2019

Image: Shenzhen Fall School/Leontin Grafmüller
Image: Shenzhen Fall School/Leontin Grafmüller

Understanding the economy and entrepreneurial mindset in China

The FAU Shenzhen Fall School is run by FAU in cooperation with the renowned Peking University and offers an attractive training opportunity focussing on ‘Medical Innovations, 5G and AI’. From 4 to 12 September 2019, participants were able to boost their entrepreneurial skills with a unique range of workshops, lectures, networking events and company visits, where they had the chance to interact with influential change makers. Students from various areas, the programme manager at the FAU Digital Academy Klaus Konrad and Prof. Dr. Heinrich Sticht, professor of bioinformatics at FAU, reported back on their experiences via, for example, the FAU Digital Tech Academy (DTA) Facebook channel. Participants applied online to the DTA and some were granted a scholarship.

Day 1: An opportunity to get to know other participants and share information on their diverse backgrounds and WeChat contacts; drone simulations

Day 2: Twenty years of the Beijing Genomics Institute and Q&A session with the Executive General Manager of Healthwork of the Tianyi Group

Day 3: Company visits, traditional lunch and in vitro diagnosis

Day 4: Lecture on the Chinese economy and visit to one of the largest electronics outlets in China 

Day 6: Biotech company, FAU alumni, Siemens Healthineers in Peking and a keynote speech

Day 7: Intelligent cities, wearables and cloud services+

Day 8: Most popular photo subject at Shenzhen Biotech Summit

Day 9: Sneak peak at startup activities, 360 degree panorama, cake on campus

More information on the FAU Shenzhen Fall School is available on the FAU Global Programs website.

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