Awards for winners of the Falling Wall Lab at FAU

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A total of eight participants showcased their innovative ideas to a selected panel of experts in this year’s ‘Falling Walls Lab’ at FAU. (Image: FAU/Heike Nowak-Schwerdtfeger)

Resistant bacteria, nerve cells and tracking animals

A total of eight participants showcased their innovative ideas in just three minutes each at this year’s ‘Falling Walls Lab’ at FAU. This year’s winner is Alexander M. Petrescu from Jacobs University Bremen, who has qualified for the finals in November in Berlin. Niklas Duda from the Chair of Electronics Engineering at FAU came in third with his idea. The jury of leading figures from science and industry was faced with no easy task, with topics ranging from antibiotic resistance to using spider’s silk to heal bones to digital communication and the growth of nerve cells.

About Falling Walls Labs

Falling Walls Labs offer young researchers the opportunity to present their projects to a selected audience of experts from various disciplines from research and industry as well as the general public. The focus is on encouraging young talent and networking. Competitions of this nature are now held in 57 countries throughout the world. The FAU Falling Walls Lab is one of only three labs to be held in Germany. At the beginning of November, the winners will travel to the Falling Walls Conference in Berlin.

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