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Faculty of Engineering remains most popular faculty

Student numbers at FAU remain high for winter semester 2019/20: a total of 37,278 students have enrolled at the beginning of the lecture period. Around two thirds of these students are based mainly in Erlangen and around one third in Nuremberg.

Precisely 5,289 new students have now enrolled on a degree programme at FAU. Enrolment will continue for a few weeks and the University expects quite a number of additional enrolments.

So far, 15,373 students have enrolled for the winter semester on the approximately 80 Bachelor’s degree programmes offered at FAU. A total of 8,884 students have enrolled on around 90 Master’s degree programmes. The remaining students are distributed across around 90 degree programmes that lead to State Examinations in medicine, law, and pharmacy or to teaching degrees.

Interest in part-time degree programmes at FAU continues to rise with a total of 620 students studying 56 different Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes. This is a rise of 37 percent. Part-time degree programmes in gerontology, psychology and philosophy are particularly popular.

The number of students from abroad remains almost constant with a total of 4,918 students from other countries enrolled at FAU at the beginning of the semester. The Faculty of Engineering has the most students from abroad (2,147). As was the case last year, most of these students come from China (986), followed by Turkey (423) and India (251). Students from a total of 126 countries are enrolled at FAU.

The proportion of new female students is 53,6 percent (2,837), which puts them slightly in the majority. Overall, the gender ratio of students at FAU is also very balanced with 18,614 male students and 19,114 female students (50.6 percent).

By faculty

A total of 9,227 students have enrolled at the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Theology. At 1,450 students, the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Theology currently has the highest number of new students. It also has the largest proportion of female students of all faculties, at 70.2 percent. Subjects such as sociology, theatre and media studies and political science are particularly popular.

The Faculty of Business, Economics, and Law has a total of 9,459 enrolled students. With 1,318 new students, the faculty has experienced a similar rush as the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Theology. The proportion of women at the faculty is 53.6 percent. As is the case every year, the Bachelor’s degree programme in Business and Economics is extremely popular. With 527 new students enrolled on the degree programme, it has more new students than any other degree programme at FAU.

A total of 3,916 students have enrolled at the Faculty of Medicine, 287 of which are new students. Of this total, 2,519 are female students and 1,397 are male, which means the proportion of female students is 66.3 percent. Places for new students in medicine and dentistry are allocated centrally via the Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung (Foundation for University Admissions) in Dortmund.

A total of 5,302 students have enrolled at the Faculty of Sciences. Of this number, 1,051 are new students. The ratio of female to male students at the Faculty of Sciences is quite balanced as the proportion of women studying at the faculty is 48.9 percent (2,591 students). Biology, chemistry and pharmacy are particularly popular subjects among new students. The orientation course for new students who have not yet decided which particular subject in natural sciences they would like to study has successfully started its second year.

The Faculty of Engineering remains the faculty at FAU with the most students. A total of 9,824 students have enrolled at the faculty this winter semester, of which 1,183 are new students. The proportion of female students at the faculty is around 25 percent, which is at a similar level to previous years. A total of 2,454 female students are enrolled at the faculty. The most popular degree programme is computer science, followed by industrial engineering and management and mechanical engineering.

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