FAU Silicon Valley Fall School

Participants also visited the offices of Facebook. (Image: FAU/Digital Tech Academy)

FAU visits partners in California

FAU has had a strong network in California for a number of years. These collaborations with partners in Silicon Valley are now being strategically expanded with the Silicon Valley Schools and systematically made available to other partners, students, researchers and the administration at FAU.

FAU’s Silicon Valley Spring School served as the kick-off and around 25 members of the FAU community recently travelled together to the heart of the start-up scene in California for the FAU Silicon Valley Fall School. Those hoping for just a holiday would have been disappointed though, as the programme was in keeping with FAU’s values of innovation, diversity, and passion and with the University motto of ‘Knowledge in motion’. Participants experienced the Silicon Valley spirit for nine days during which they developed their own networks, started their own projects and initiatives, planned joint ventures for the future, had a lot of fun and made even more contacts.

To find out more about what exactly was on the programme, visit the FAU Global Programs site.

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