Move your body!

If you want to stay in shape while at FAU, we recommend checking out what’s on offer from Hochschulsport. (Photo: Tobias Arhelger/

No matter whether you want to train once a month or four times a week. No matter whether you want to become really fit or just want to meet new people while doing sport. University Sports offers something for everyone!

With options as diverse as Aikido, tango and lacrosse, there is hardly any sport that you can’t get involved in at FAU. Of course the more traditional sports like football, tennis and swimming are included in the wide range on offer too.

University Sports runs courses in around 70 different sports each semester. The costs are low, so they’re the perfect opportunity to try something new. For example, why not have a go at sailing? The University’s water sports centre is located by the Brombachsee lake. Beginners and intermediate level sailors can take part in courses there to gain sailing qualifications. If you are already qualified, you can hire a boat from the centre.

Group Training

Training specific muscles or simply having fun: University Sports offers something for everyone. (Photo: FAU/Erich Malter)

University Sports also organizes a range of keepfit courses including aerobics and fitness gymnastics where you’ll exercise muscles you never knew you had. You can also go for a workout at the University Sports gym.

The martial arts courses include karate, Tai Chi and Kung Fu. If that’s not your style, you might prefer ballet, zumba, climbing or yoga – to name just a few of the alternatives. Whether you prefer indoor or outdoor, individual or team sports, there’s something for everyone. You can also meet new people who are interested in the same sports through the ‘Find a sport partner’ service.

You can’t find exactly the sport you were looking for? Then suggest it to us, or even take the course yourself as the instructor. University Sports is always open to new sports and courses.

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