Coronavirus: Support programme announced for digital and remote teaching

Bild: Atamanenko

Support for digitalisation measures

All face-to-face teaching at FAU has been cancelled since 10 March. We cannot predict how this situation will develop after 20 April. For this reason, the Executive Board has called upon all teaching staff to prepare alternative teaching resources such as webinars, podcasts or digital flashcards and has prepared a catalogue of measures to support digital and remote teaching.

The Institute for Learning Innovation (ILI) will offer a central advice service and initial digitalisation consultations for teaching staff. The ILI and the Multimedia Centre of the Erlangen Regional Computing Centre (RRZE) are currently increasing their advice and support resources to meet this demand. Limited resources for additional assistants may be requested through the digitalisation support programme.

A prize will be awarded by the Executive Board for successful digitalisation measures that can be used beyond the summer semester 2020. We will be announcing further details on this prize over the coming weeks.

Contact for teaching staff
Phone: 09131 8520773

More information on digitalisation in teaching