Coronavirus: Hygiene guidelines

hygiene guidelines
FAU adopted the hygiene guidelines in this directive on 5 May 2020. (Background image:, Illustrations: FAU/Bärbel Rhades)

Update on infection prevention measures

To provide guidance for studying, research and work during the coronavirus pandemic, the twelve member universities of Universität Bayern e.V. have passed a directive for the implementation of the Second Bavarian Regulation on Infection Prevention and Control Measures at the Bavarian universities in consultation with the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts. FAU adopted the hygiene guidelines in this directive on 5 May 2020.

More information and the full text of the directive is available at

In the following, we have compiled an overview of the most important regulations.

  • Prohibition of events and public gatherings
  • Prohibition of face-to-face teaching
  • Examinations requiring attendance in person may be held subject to strict conditions.
  • Practical courses that require specific laboratory or working facilities may take place.
  • Libraries may open for specific user groups and subject to local conditions such as building suitability.
  • Wherever possible, a minimum distance of 1.5 m between two individuals must be observed. If it is not possible to maintain a minimum distance, alternative prevention measures must be taken such as wearing a face covering that covers the mouth and nose.
  • Employees should work from home where possible. If work must be carried out at the university, rooms must be occupied to ensure that the minimum distance is maintained (Update: 7 May 2020).
  • During examinations and committee meetings, the minimum distance of 1.5m between individuals must be observed. Available seating must be indicated.
  • Public contact must be replaced by telephone, post or electronic communication where possible. If a personal meeting is essential, appointments must be arranged. Queues and gatherings must be avoided in waiting areas.
  • Events must be organised to ensure that participants can enter and exit without forming groups or gathering at the end of an examination.
  • All individuals are requested to wash their hands regularly and observe coughing and sneezing etiquette (into the elbow) to reduce the risk of infection.

Further information about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic at FAU is available at: