A virtual mid-summer night’s dream at FAU: #FAUSommernacht

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Celebrating together online instead of at the Schlossgartenfest

In 2020 a lot of things are different than before – and that includes the Schlossgartenfest at FAU. The Schlossgartenfest as such cannot go ahead as usual this year, but there is still something special on offer for all loyal fans of the event: the #FAUSommernacht, from 7pm on Saturday 11 July – an evening of music, interviews and memories from previous garden parties as a YouTube stream. Students, staff, alumni and friends of FAU are all invited to join the Executive Board, in particular FAU President Prof. Dr. Joachim Hornegger, and the chairman of the university association, Prof. Dr. Siegfried Balleis, to reflect on previous years of the Schlossgartenfest and to celebrate together this year as well.

During #FAUSommernacht, Prof. Hornegger will share what goes through his mind just before he officially opens the Schlossgartenfest and Prof. Balleis will tell us what the Fest means for him personally. Students and alumni will also have a chance to speak. And as a party without music is not really a party at all, visitors to the #FAUSommernacht can look forward to performances by the FAU Alumni Band and, after the official part of the evening, the DJs Slykes & Butch. As a special treat, guests are also invited to take part in a special prize draw.

The #FAUSommernacht will be broadcast by the FAU Campus media club funklust on their YouTube channel. In order to encourage a sense of community, everyone is also invited to the FAU Zoom channel: https://fau.zoom.us/my/sommernacht. Entry is of course free of charge. The link is your ticket. And unlike at the traditional Schlossgartenfest the question of what to wear is not an issue. You can wear whatever you like, either casual or formal, it’s up to you.

New beer creation ‘Wilhelmine’

Just in time for the event, FAU can announce a new joint venture with ‘WirBier’: The latest beer creation ‘Wilhelmine’, a dry-hopped lager, will be available for sale on Wednesday 8 July. Let’s raise our glasses to the #FAUSommernacht! The beer will be available for sale on 8 July between 11:30am and 5pm at the Schlossgarten and at the Roter Platz at the southern campus in Erlangen and at the entrance to the School of Business, Economics and Society at the Lange Gasse in Nuremberg at a price of 7 euros for a six pack.

Supporting teaching and research at the University with the FAU innovation fund

With its approximately 6,500 guests, the Schlossgartenfest is not only one of the most beautiful garden parties, the profit it makes also supports research and teaching at FAU. ‘Especially now, it is more important than ever to stand together, to work together to overcome hurdles and to focus on innovation as a source for shaping the future,’ emphasises Prof. Dr. Joachim Hornegger. After members of FAU donated to the initiative #FAU4FAU to provide quick and unbureaucratic assistance to students who were experiencing hardship due to the coronavirus pandemic, all friends of FAU are now able to support research and teaching via the FAU innovation fund.

Detailed information on the newly established FAU innovation fund: www.fau.de/innovationsfonds.

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