ALEX: the award recognising online teaching concepts at FAU

A great number of teaching staff have developed a well thought through online teaching concept at extremely short notice. We would like to recognise their efforts by awarding the ALEX teaching award 2020. (Image:

The coronavirus semester has posed a major challenge to teaching staff at FAU. They were expected to plan and implement online teaching at the drop of a hat. In spite of only being given very short notice, a number of staff members successfully developed well thought through formats and offered their students valuable support. With the ALEX teaching award 2020, FAU would like to reward its teaching staff for their dedication and recognise the best approaches. All FAU teaching staff or organisational units can apply by 7 August 2020. Voting on the ‘Students’ Award’ will take place from September 2020.

The internal university award for online teaching is awarded in six categories:

Best of schnell-digital Award (2000 EUR)

The main category will focus on an innovative teaching concept which combines university teaching skills with media-based teaching skills, and has been well received by students.

Newcomer Award (1000 EUR)

This category recognises the best online teaching offered by someone new to teaching online. In particular, this award lays a particular emphasis on the candidates’ willingness and commitment to develop and implement previously unfamiliar concepts.

Team Spirit Award (1000 EUR)

This category is awarded to a particular department, institute, chair or degree programme where those involved took the best possible joint approach to tackle the challenge.

ILI Innovation Award (1000 EUR)

In this category, the team at the Innovation in Learning Institute recognises a solution which is particularly innovative and creative from a media-based teaching and technical point of view.

Student’s Choice Award (1000 EUR)

The award in this category is given to the best teaching concept from the students’ point of view. FAU students will be able to cast their votes taking a social voting approach, indicating which aspects of online teaching are particularly important to them.

Support & Interaction Award (1000 EUR)

This category is awarded to the teaching concept with the best interactive and personal approach.

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