#ForTheKnowledge: Why research is important

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Joachim Hornegger (Bild: FAU/Thomas Einberger)

Whether it is the Coronavirus pandemic or climate change, scepticism towards science and research has increased in the population during the last few years. With its campaign called ‘DFG2020 – Because Research Matters’, the German Research Foundation (DFG) is calling on members of the German scientific community to tackle this problem and to name their own reasons why they think research is so important. FAU President Prof. Dr. Joachim Hornegger has also taken part:

‘Research generates new insights every day. It helps us to understand and improve our world, provides inspiration for innovation, solves problems and offers new perspectives. Deciding #ForTheKnowledge means taking a decision in favour of the future.’

Prof. Dr. Joachim Hornegger

Anyone can participate

The ‘DFG2020 – Because Research Matters’ campaign is open to anyone – whether you are a researcher or student, administrative staff member or trainee. To take part just send an e-mail with a statement and a photo to the DFG or send a tweet using the #ForTheKnowledge hashtag.

Further information

DFG2020 – Because Research Matters