Prof. Alexander Martin appointed member of Bavarian AI Council

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Prof. Dr. Alexander Martin, Institutsleiter am Fraunhofer-Institut für Integrierte Schaltungen IIS und Inhaber des Lehrstuhls Wirtschaftsmathematik an der FAU (Foto: Fraunhofer IIS / Paul Pulkert)

Chair of Economics, Discrete Optimization, and Mathematics at FAU and Director of Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits (IIS) appointed by Bavarian Minister President

The Bavarian AI Council was created by Bavarian Minister President Dr. Markus Söder and introduced during the constituent meeting on 22 December 2020. As outstanding researchers with significant research and entrepreneurial expertise, the aims of the appointed members of the Council are to encourage networking within the AI community in Bavaria and establish the AI Made in Bavaria brand, thus helping to position Bavaria as a leading location for AI worldwide.

The AI Council’s members come from universities, extramural research institutions and business. The Council intends to initiate strategies and measures to mobilise economic and scientific potential in the field of artificial intelligence. The AI Council’s activities are complemented by the AI Agency as an operational unit. It orients its activities to the strategic guidelines of the Council and implements them in specific projects in the Bavarian AI network.

‘Artificial intelligence is set to become one of the most important technologies of the future and will have an enormous impact on our society, economy and industry. As far as specific topics are concerned, I think the sovereignty and sustainability of data and AI algorithms are special challenges and opportunities for which the AI Council can provide some important impetus,’ says Alexander Martin about his new role.

Prof. Dr. Alexander Martin

Alexander Martin is the Chair of Economics, Discrete Optimization, and Mathematics at FAU. In addition, he is a Director of Fraunhofer IIS, responsible for localisation, networking and supply chain services, and the Director of the ADA Lovelace Center for Analytics, Data and Applications. In addition to his role as editor for several international journals such as Mathematical Methods of Operations Research, he is a consultant for mathematics for the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. He has also been a member of the Senate Committee on Research Training Groups at the German Research Foundation since 2019.

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