friedrich 120: Astounding journeys

Bild: FAU/Iris Körber

The new edition of friedrich takes a closer look at different pathways in a wide range of different contexts. For example, we looked at why and how people travel. To be on the move can also be taken more literally. Something we tend to neglect in today’s digital society. How can we buck this trend? And how can we help those whose movement is restricted as a result of illness? Life is rarely a straightforward journey from A to B. Adaptability is key. Research expeditions are a good example of this in practice. We looked into how Humboldt and other explorers coped with the challenges facing them. And sometimes even if we are expected to follow a certain way of doing things, for example at work, we deliberately choose to ignore it. What inspires us to find a ‘workaround’?

We hope you enjoy reading friedrich 120: Astounding journeys!

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