Twitter: Join in our #FAUcompetition

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Bild: @svenlaumer

Who can track the best FAU logo?

President Prof. Dr. Joachim Hornegger has set a GPS challenge via Twitter: Who can jog, walk or cycle the best version of the FAU logo? The first GPS screenshots are already online: From Prof. Dr. Joachim Hornegger on Twitter and Prof. Dr. Sven Laumer on Instagram.

How it works:

1. Download a fitness tracker or another GPS app to your smartphone and switch on GPS

2. Think where you would like to walk, cycle or jog the letters ‘FAU’

3. Go! Remember to record your route

4. Take a screenshot of your route

5. Post on social media using the hashtag #FAUcompetition

To #FAUcompetition on Twitter

Various fitness apps or GPS trackers allow you to track the route you have taken on a map. The #FAUcompetition shows just how creative this can let you can be. A tip for anyone who has never used GPS tracking before: the sports fanatics amongst your colleagues are the ones to ask if you need any help. You’ll find a lot of them record their routes while training and know all about it. If you would like to take part but don’t have a social media account, just send your picture to

Cycling with ‘Stadtradeln’

By the way, if you prefer to get on your bike instead of running, you can take part in the ‘Radeln für ein gutes Klima’ (cycling for a better climate) campaign at the same time and collect kilometres for the ‘FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg’ team. Sub-teams can also be formed. The kilometres cycled then count for both teams. You can also join the new FAU team if you re-activate your account from last year. FAU won first place in the campaign last year.