226 million euros in third-party funding for FAU

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Bild: FAU/Kurt Fuchs

Over 15 million euros more than the year before

In 2020, FAU was awarded approximately 226 million euros in third-party funding. That is 15 million euros more than in 2019. Researchers can use third-party funding to fund research projects, for example collaborative research centres (CRC) funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

Funding is available from third parties such as DFG, the Federal government, the EU, foundations and industry. In 2020, the most funds were awarded by DFG, which provided funding in excess of 80 million euros.

The faculty which received the most third-party funding at FAU is the Faculty of Engineering, which received 83 million euros, followed by the Faculty of Medicine, with nearly 62 million euros. All faculties were successful in obtaining more third-party funding than the year before, but the Faculty of Sciences generated the most growth with an increase of over 5 million euros.

Further information and detailed listings of third-party funding awarded since 2017 is available on our website.