Spot on: Tales from our vloggers

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Laura is one of four VFAU vloggers. Several times a month, vlogs about student life are published on our YouTube channel. (Picture: FAU)

FAU-Vloggers report on the studio life

What do Erlangen and Nuremberg have to offer? Which university sports courses are available at FAU? How can I combine sustainability with studying? FAU vlogs have the answer to these and many other questions. Students such as Laura present videos with information about the University.

You’re an FAU vlogger. When did FAU vlogs start?

FAU vlogs started in the fall of 2019. I joined in December 2019 and have been vlogging since then. We aim to broadcast three to four vlogs a month, with the four of us taking turns. It usually works, but sometimes we have to postpone the vlogs.

Where can students watch FAU vlogs?

The vlogs are uploaded on FAU channels, such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. The vlogs are also mentioned in newsletters.

What have you been vlogging about?

In my first vlog, I introduced myself and talked about what FAU means to me. After that, I made videos about sustainability while studying and another one about spending a semester abroad. It’s a broad mix.

How do you choose your topics?

We can choose what we like, but sometimes we are given suggestions. Otherwise, I just ask myself what students would like to watch. In the future, we would like to present videos on departments at the University, an interview with the President or reports on various events.

Why should students, and freshmen in particular, watch the vlogs?

Studentin Laure mit der Kamera in der Hand
(Image: Daniel Kromm)

By watching our vlogs, first year students can find out some interesting facts about FAU and why it’s worth studying here. They can also find out what FAU and the cities of Erlangen and Nuremberg have to offer. I underestimated the city of Nuremberg when I first moved here – it really has so much to offer! In addition, vlogs are a very authentic medium because we’re allowed to make our own decisions.

What do you like so much about vlogging?

I love the fact that it gives me the opportunity to be really creative. And as a vlogger, it’s great that we can help to present FAU on social media. I also think it’s really exciting to see how hours of film material, which I often don’t know how to turn into a good video at the beginning, end up as a great video. I often don’t expect the video to turn out as well as it does.

Do students recognize you as an FAU vlogger?

Yes, I have been recognized once or twice. At events, for example, fellow students approach me and say ‘Have I seen you on the FAU vlog?’ I think it’s pretty cool. It doesn’t happen often enough to make it uncomfortable though.

Ihr wollt mehr?

Would you like to take part and make videos for the FAU vlog #meineFAU? Just send an e-mail to Immanuel Reinschlüssel, More information about FAU is available on our other channels. Why not have a look?

Too many stories for one vlogger…

The best way to find out about university life is from other students. Along with Laura, Ani, Hannah and Daniel all speak about their life and experiences at FAU too. In their vlogs they share the topics which are currently on their minds.


  • is studying the international Master’s degree program in Standards of Decision-Making Across Cultures and has been part of the FAU vlog team since October 2020.
  • is from Armenia and vlogs in English
  • reports on international life at FAU, e.g. settling in to life in Erlangen, financing her studies and things which surprise her in Germany.


  • studies Medicine and has been on board ever since the first vlog was broadcast
  • lived in Erlangen at the beginning, and now lives in Nuremberg, so knows his way around both cities
  • vlogs on topics such as tips for exams, university sports and his move from Erlangen to Nuremberg.


  • is studying the Bachelor’s degree program in Theater and Media Studies and has been vlogging for FAU since October 2020.
  • would rather be outside than in and likes ‘anything to do with media’.
  • vlogs on topics such as cooking vegetarian meals for students, a beginner’s guide to working from home and organizations at FAU