FAU introduces 2G rule for face-to-face teaching

Corona 2G
Corona 2G

Non-vaccinated students can continue to study without disruption

In view of the worrying situation in the intensive care units, especially at Universitätsklinikum Erlangen, FAU has decided, in consultation with Deans, Deans of Studies and Students’ Representatives, to introduce what is known as the 2G rule for face-to-face teaching. Accordingly, only those who are vaccinated or have recently recovered from Covid can attend classes on campus at FAU. This is not only to help keep students and staff safe, but also in the hope of avoiding another lockdown affecting face-to-face teaching at universities and other institutes of higher education.

The 2G rule will apply from 15 November 2021, with a transitional period until 22 November. Only those students and staff who have been vaccinated or who have recovered from Covid (in other words those who have ‘2G status’) may enter teaching rooms (lecture halls and seminar rooms). The University Library, computer rooms, study rooms and self-study areas are an exception.

If any of the students registered for a course are neither vaccinated nor recovered, hybrid formats should be offered in order to ensure that vaccinated students can continue to study on campus, and those without 2G status can still continue their studies without disruption. They can keep up with course content either via synchronous streaming or recordings (that are possibly already available).  Teaching staff should only revert to an entirely online format if it is impossible to offer a hybrid format.

The 3G rule will continue to apply in the case of practical classes (for example music and sport) or laboratory courses.