Preventing and dealing with discrimination

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Points of contact and counseling services

Code of conduct for religious and ideological diversity

At the beginning of the year, FAU adopted a Code of Conduct on religious and ideological diversity – a code of behavior for FAU that provides members of the University with a specific framework for orientation and action.

“FAU wants to ensure that all members of the University enjoy equal access to research, teaching and life on campus. In addition to gender, age, nationality, ethnicity, disability and sexual orientation, religion and ideological beliefs are two further key dimensions of diversity. The University opposes any form of discrimination or disadvantage, including on religious or ideological grounds, and stands for appropriate recognition and consideration of the diverse needs of its members, including their religion and ideological beliefs.”

Code of conduct for religious and ideological diversity

Points of contact and counseling services in cases of discrimination

In cases of discrimination within the University, FAU’s points of contact and counseling services offer confidential advice. This means they discuss the issue with the person affected by discrimination, harassment or sexual harassment, and explore the extent to which support is required. They offer information about preventative measures and appropriate actions, and explain the arbitration procedure and the official complaints procedure. If necessary, they can refer those seeking advice to other suitable, specialist internal or external advisory and support services or arrange an appointment for them.

Interview with Dr. Ebru Tepecik from the Office of Equality and Diversity and the former Vice President People about the Code of conduct for religious and ideological diversity.

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The Guidelines on preventing and dealing with cases of discrimination, harassment and sexual harassment at FAU and Universitätsklinikum Erlangen are an important contribution towards ensuring equal treatment at the University. The guidelines are based on the General Equal Treatment Act (Allgemeine Gleichbehandlungsgesetz, AGG).

More information about how FAU deals with discrimination

Are you experiencing discrimination from outside FAU?

We can and want to specifically address discrimination within the University or on University channels within FAU and support those affected with points of contact within the University. However, people including members of FAU experience discrimination in other contexts, in the public domain and on public platforms, such as on social media. FAU has no legal basis to take action here. The German Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency provides information on how those affected in these cases can take action. The Agency can be contacted by telephone and in writing and a guide helps users to find information and advisory services such as the helpdesk of the No Hate Speech Movement.

What is discrimination?

The German Federal Agency for Civic Education (Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung/bpb) provides a good overview of the terms discrimination and anti-discrimination:

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