Notable Alumni

From Ludwig Erhard to Georg Friedrich Ohm

During the more than 270 years of the University’s history, many of its alumni and researchers have made a name for themselves. Many well known figures have studied or researched at the University. We present a selection in our gallery of best-known alumni since the founding of FAU.

Arthur Eichengrün

  • Job title: 1867–1949, German chemist

Ludwig Andreas Feuerbach

  • Job title: 1804–1872, famous German philosopher

Hermann Emil Fischer

  • Job title: 1852–1919, Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Hans Geiger

  • Job title: 1882–1945, founder of the Geiger counter

Kurt Glässer

  • Job title: 1904–2003, founder of the Kurt Glässer Foundation

Christian von Glück

  • Job title: 1755–1831, lawyer

Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann

  • Job title: 1755–1843, founder of homoeopathy

Johann Peter Hebel

  • Job title: 1760–1826, poet

Karl Hegel

  • Job title: 1813–1901, historian

Alexander von Humboldt

  • Job title: 1769–1859, geographer and explorer

Hermann Kesten

  • Job title: 1900–1996, writer and president of the PEN centre

Justus von Liebig

  • Job title: 1803–1873, one of the most famous and succesful chemists of his century

Michael Kobr

  • Job title: Co-author of the Kluftinger crime novels

Wilhelm Löhe

  • Job title: 1808–1872, theologian

Ernst Wilhelm Martius

  • Job title: 1756–1849, pharmacist

Theodor Wilhelm Christian Martius

  • Job title: (1796–1863), pharmacist

Emmy Noether

  • Job title: 1882–1935, mathematician

Max Noether

  • Job title: 1844–1921, mathematician

Georg Simon Ohm

  • Job title: 1789–1854, physicist

Franz Penzoldt

  • Job title: 1849–1927, physician

August Graf von Platen

  • Job title: 1796–1835, poet

Friedrick Rückert

  • Job title: 1788–1866, specialist in oriental studies and poet

Johann Christian Daniel von Schreber

  • Job title: 1739–1810, botanist

Christian Friedrich Daniel Schubart

  • Job title: 1739–1791, poet

Karl Freiherr vom Stein zum Altenstein

  • Job title: 1770–1840, politician

Ludwig Tieck

  • Job title: 1773–1853, poet

Siegrfried Trotnow

  • Job title: 1941–2004,

Wilhelm Heinrich Wackenroder

  • Job title: 1773–1798, poet