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Kurt Glässer

Kurt Glässer (1904–2003)

Kurt Glässer (1904–2003

Kurt Glässer (1904–2003

Alongside his employment, Kurt Glässer studied business administration and law from 1923 onwards at the business college in Nuremberg, which later became the School of Business and Economics at FAU. He then worked as branch manger of Thyssen AG in Nuremberg and later as general manager at Rheinstahl Handelsgesellschaft, while still maintaining strong ties with his alma mater. In 2001, he established Kurt-Glässer-Stiftung, a foundation which supports research and teaching at the School of Business and Economics. It is one of the five largest foundations at FAU. Kurt Glässer also donated a listed building in Burgschmietstraße in Nuremberg to the University, along with a generous amount of money for its upkeep. With the help of the foundation, the School has been able to promote international activities for young researchers and to furnish lecture theatres with state-of-the-art equipment.

Kurt Glässer was made an honorary senator in 2002 in recognition of his services to the University. The main lecture theatre at the School of Business and Economics is named in his honour, and a bronze bust is a reminder of his patronage to the University.

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