As IBM (International Business Machines Cooperation) Fellow, Head of Science & Technology and Lead of IBM Research Quantum Europe at IBM Research, she is based in Switzerland and one of her many projects involves developing a new generation of computer processors: Dr. Heike Riel. In our interview, the FAU-Alumna gives an insight into her work for IBM and talks about her lasting connections to FAU.

A start-up trio at FAU have developed a new technology which can produce passive high-frequency components directly from computer models. Now the researchers will receive funding of 1.1 million euros from the EXIST programme of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy to develop the technology into a market-ready product.

There has been a women’s representative at FAU for 30 years now. In our interview, the current postholder, Prof. Dr. Annette Keilhauer, outlines some of the challenges faced by her predecessors, what they have achieved and what still remains to be done.

Every year, researchers come to FAU or go abroad whose stay is supported by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (AvH). In order to offer "Humboldtians" in the Franconian region a forum for encounter and exchange, the regional group Franconia of the German Society of Humboldtains e.V. (DGH) was founded in October 2019 at FAU.