3G rule

3G plus rule checks

3G rule

In accordance with the amendment to the 15th Bavarian Regulation on Infection Prevention and Control Measures that entered into force on 15 December 2021, the following rules now apply:

  • Staff (lecturers, teaching staff, part-time assistants, and scholarship holders are also treated as staff)
  • Anyone entering FAU for work purposes who is not actually employed
  • Examination candidates

The 2G rule applies to students – Information on the 2G rule

Checking proof of vaccination, recovery or testing

FAU is obliged to check the proof of vaccination, recovery or testing. Please note that to fulfil this obligation, the University can carry out checks at any time and non-compliance with the requirement to provide proof can have legal consequences. FAU will ensure compliance with the 3G rule by means of closely-monitored, consistent and regular spot checks.


Proof of vaccination status must be provided in the form of written or electronic confirmation. 

    • Fully vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus) with an EU-approved vaccine listed by the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute at the following address:http://www.pei.de/impfstoffe/covid-19 . Versions of EU-approved vaccines that have been approved abroad (original or licensed versions) are deemed to be equivalent to the named EU-approved vaccines for the purposes of proof of vaccination status. Updated: 15 September 2021:
      • Comirnaty / Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine (Biontech)
      • COVID-19 vaccine Moderna, Spikevax (previously: COVID-19 vaccine Moderna) (Moderna)
      • COVID-19 vaccine Janssen (Janssen/Johnson & Johnson)
      • Vaxzevria, Covishield, COVID-19 vaccine AstraZeneca, R-CoVI (Astrazeneca)
    • At least 14 days must have passed since the final dose.
Proof of vaccination in German, English, French, Italian or Spanish.
    • Digital vaccination confirmation via
      • Corona Warn App
      • CovPass App
    • Vaccination booklet
    • Printout of vaccination certificate that includes the person’s name

Further information about the digital COVID certificate (also for international students) is available on the European Commission website

Students who have been vaccinated with a vaccine not approved in the EU are considered not vaccinated and must provide proof of testing where the 3G rule applies. Tests are free of charge for students until 31 December 2021. (Source: Coronavirus Test Regulation, Section 4a Item 3  BAnz AT 21.09.2021 V1.pdf (bundesanzeiger.de))

Alternatively, there is the option of receiving a vaccination with an mRNA vaccine.

  • Digital certificate of recovery with the Corona Warn App/CovPass App
  • With a written or digital confirmation of a positive PCR test that is at least 28 days old, but not older than 3 months
  • With a written or digital confirmation of a positive PCR test that is older than 3 months in combination with proof of a booster vaccination

Availability of tests

In order to enter FAU premises, members of staff who are neither vaccinated nor recovered must be able to show a negative test result (PoC antigen test) taken no longer than 24 hours in advance.

Taking a test does not count as working time. Staff can use flexitime to cover the time spent getting tested.

Staff must either cover the costs of tests themselves or make use of the testing facilities available free of charge to members of the general public.

All employees are entitled to two free self-tests per week under occupational health and safety regulations. Employees can order self-tests by writing to corona-selbsttest@fau.de. We recommended submitting group orders (stating the names of the employees).

3G rule checks

In accordance with 1.4 of the hygiene guidance for Bavarian Universities and the communication from the Finance Ministry dated 24 November 2021, FAU is obliged to monitor and document compliance with the current rules. Staff are obliged to provide appropriate proof of compliance when requested.

Download guide

We have prepared the guide 3G check for staff to help you check compliance among staff

Consequences for failure to comply: staff

Entering university premises without valid proof of compliance with the 3G rule constitutes a regulatory offence (entailing a fine of 250 euros), and is also classed as an offence under labour law or employment law which may incur further measures under labour law or employment law depending on the status of the person in question. The same shall apply if the person in question is unable to work after being refused entry or asked to leave the building for not having valid proof of compliance with the 3G rule. It is not permissible to extend the current rules for working from home, especially not in order to avoid testing obligations.