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Blog posts on coronavirus and how it affects FAU

Here you will find the latest articles from FAU on the Corona Pandemic.

  • No matter where your home address is: Students at FAU can book an appointment for the coronavirus vaccination at the Erlangen vaccination centre. You can also just turn up without an appointment on 23 July, 27 July and 30 July.

  • Which language patterns are most common in conspiracy theories about coronavirus? Two linguists at FAU are investigating this question in more detail. The Volkswagen Foundation is providing 120,000 euros in funding for their project ‘Tracking the infodemic: Conspiracy theories in the corona crisis’.

  • How were scientific findings about the coronavirus communicated, and how has this changed over the course of time? Researchers at the Center for Applied Philosophy of Science and Key Qualifications at FAU hope to find answers in a project. The Volkswagen Foundation is providing 120,000 euros in funding for the project over a period of one and a half years as part of the ‘Corona Crisis and Beyond’ initiative.

  • Some people who contract Covid-19 hardly even notice that they have it. Others become seriously ill and have to be admitted to hospital. The working group ‘Cellular immunity in inflammation and cancer’ at Universitätsklinikum Erlangen has now identified the immune messenger substance interleukin-3 as a significant early indicator for whether the virus infection will remain mild or develop into a severe case.

  • The Volkswagen Foundation is funding research at FAU in a number of research areas related to the coronavirus as part of its ‘Corona Crisis and Beyond’ programme. From over 1100 applications received by the Foundation, 100 projects have been selected for funding including five projects at FAU. Each project will receive funding for the duration of 1.5 years which amounts to around 120,000 euros.

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