Coronavirus: Effects on examinations

Coronavirus – How examinations are affected at FAU

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18 March 2020

The following applies to university examinations in general:

All university examinations are cancelled with immediate effect until further notice. The decision to cancel shall remain in force until you are informed otherwise by the Executive Board.

This applies to all written and oral examinations organised by FAU, as well as resit examinations, doctoral and habilitation examinations. Examinations consisting of several parts will be discontinued. Holding oral examinations by Skype is legally not allowed.

An exception may be made for doctoral oral examinations: the President may allow doctoral oral examinations to be held in individual special circumstances upon the request of the examinee, in particular if a scholarship may otherwise be lost. The request must be sent to

Deadlines for all project work, Bachelor’s and Master’s theses are extended automatically by five weeks. The Examination Office (L6) has sent an e-mail to the affected students, and students and supervising examiners can check the new deadlines in mein campus.

Deadlines for written assignments have also been extended by five weeks. Please discuss the details with the relevant lecturers. Once you have come to an agreement, the lecturers can then enter the new submission date in mein campus.

Deadlines for completing the GOP or Bachelor’s/Master’s degree programmes) which cannot be met due to the current situation will be automatically extended for one semester (until the end of summer semester 2020). There is no need to file a specific request. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research has promised that there will be no disadvantages for BAföG recipients.

Students who have already de-registered with effect from the end of the winter semester 2019/2020, but whose examination will now take place during summer semester 2020 due to the postponements, will not have to re-enroll to take the examination. They can sit the examination and their result will count.

The deadline for examination achievements which are a prerequisite for admission to a Master’s degree programme which should have been completed by 31 March 2020 will be extended by one semester, the new deadline will be 30 September 2020. L5 will organise the change, there is no need to file a specific request.

The following applies in general to State Examinations and degree programmes leading to a State Examination:

Examinations for the first State Examination in Teaching are cancelled with immediate effect until further notice (update 18 March 2020, 2:25 pm).

The oral examinations for the first State Examination in Medicine (Physikum) planned for 19 and 20 March are now also cancelled. The Examination Office will contact affected candidates with information on how sitting the examinations which have been cancelled at a later date (update 20 March 2020 – 10:15 am).

The examinations in pharmacology (part of the State Examination in Dentistry) which were planned for the coming week (week 13) are also cancelled until further notice. (update 19 March 2020 – 11:45 am). All other examinations for the State Examination in Dentistry are currently still going ahead as planned (update 18 March – 2:25 pm). These decisions are taken by the relevant ministry.

The examinations in the second part of the State Examination in Pharmacy have been cancelled and will not be held (update 20 March 2020 – 11:40 am).

An extension to deadlines for written assignments (Zulassungsarbeiten) in teaching degree programmes may be arranged in consultation with supervisors. Please note: The assessment (evaluation) must be submitted to the Examinations Office by the supervisor at least two working days before the student sits their first individual examination, as otherwise the student cannot be admitted to the State Examination. Please make sure that supervisors are aware of this when setting new deadlines in order to ensure that they have still enough time to correct the assignment and send the evaluation after the assignment has been submitted and before the examination is held.

The decision to close all schools in Bavaria from Monday 16 March 2020 also affects students completing their general or subject-related teaching placements at Grundschulen (primary schools) and Mittelschulen (lower secondary schools). The teachers supervising the students during their placement will keep them up to date with how to proceed.

With respect to the seminar papers which law students have to submit as part of their degree: all students are allowed to choose whether to return the topic they have been given or to complete the paper within the set deadline.

Please address any queries to the following central e-mail address for the Examinations Office:


12 March 2020

Coronavirus: Non-attendance at university examinations


 Students are no longer required to submit a doctor’s certificate (‘Attest’ in German) if they fail to attend university examinations registered for in winter semester 2019/2020 which are planned to take place from 12 March 2020. They will be considered to have been excused from the examination even without submitting a doctor’s certificate. The failure to attend will not be recorded as a failed attempt.  

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