Integrated Life Sciences

MSc Integrated Life Sciences - Biology, Biomathematics and Biophysics

Understanding biological systems often necessitates a solid background in physical and mathematical methods. ILS students acquire a strong knowledge of mathematical and physical methods to analyze and describe biological processes quantitatively. Structure-function relationships of proteins, DNA sequence analysis, and complex interactions between biomolecules or cells are typical areas of application. Students will obtain advanced knowledge and methodological skills with a focus on two of the three different directions: Mathematical Modelling and Systems Biology––Bioimaging and Biophysics––Biological Structures and Processes.

Integrated Life Sciences – At a glance

Subject group Life Sciences
Degree Master of Science
Regular duration 4 semesters
Programme start Winter semester, summer semester
Location Erlangen
Tuition fees No
Teaching language 100% English

More information: Degree programme website “Integrated Life Sciences”