After your studies

Getting ready to leave FAU

Even the best times come to an end. We hope that you enjoyed your time at FAU and that your studies have been successful. Before you leave Germany, there are still a few things that you need to sort out. On this page, we’ve collected some important information about your transcript of records.

Other useful information for your departure: Departure – What you need to do before you leave

We wish you all the best for the future.

Transcript of records – A record of your grades for your home university

At the end of their stay, most students will require official proof of the courses they have studied at FAU in order for their achievements to be accredited by their home university. This official document is called a transcript of records.

Please inform all professors and lecturers from whom you have obtained grades and ECTS credits that these need to be entered into Mein Campus. A preliminary list of grades can be printed from Mein Campus.

Once all of your grades have been entered into Mein Campus, please contact the Central Office for International Affairs (RIA) who will then print, sign and stamp the document.

If you have already returned to your home country, please provide your current address so that we can post your transcript to you.

Law students should contact Ms Lohse or Ms Trippmacher directly. If you have attended German courses or other courses outside of your subject, you may request a second (non-subject-related) transcript for these courses from RIA.

Students of the School of Business and Economics (Nuremberg) should contact the Office for International Relations in Nuremberg.

The transcript of records is needed for your home university. Please note that the transcript of records is not issued automatically; you must contact RIA or the Office for International Relations yourself.