Centralised quality management

Quality management and evaluation at FAU

Description of responsibilities at L 1 – Quality Management, Degree Programme Development and Evaluation

Quality assurance and evaluation are important for teaching and studying as they enable processes and internal structures to be defined and optimised. Quality Management, Degree Programme Development and Evaluation at L 1 is responsible for continuous degree programme development and evaluation, which allow quality assurance to be guaranteed.


  • Providing support for accreditation and conceptual further development of degree programmes as well as for the evaluation of study situations in cooperation with the faculties
  • Setting up, amending and terminating full-time and part-time degree programmes, degree programmes for professional development and cooperative degree programmes, degree programmes for working professionals and elite degree programmes (including providing support for applications for funding for elite degree programmes at the Elite Network of Bavaria)
  • Preparing and organising the Commission for Teaching and Studying, the Accreditation Review Committee, the Dean of Studies’ meetings, Q interviews and the FAU discussion groups with students
  • Networking local and centralised quality management (including organising Q meetings, advising evaluation officers)
  • Responsibility for the database for degree programme accreditation
  • Conducting the FAU-St student survey and surveys for graduates as well as analysing the contents of databases of the Student Records Office and the Examinations Office
  • Analysing the surveys and providing data and analysis reports as a basis for the accreditation and further development of degree programmes.


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