Internal degree programme quality assurance

Degree programme development

FAU uses a two-stage process for internal degree programme quality assurance. This involves legal assessment of all degree programmes and monitoring of degree programme development. The legal assessment ensures that the requirements of the KMK, HRK, the Accreditation Council and the Bavarian Higher Education Act are met. This assessment takes place at least once every five years.

Degree programmes run in collaboration with other universities, double degree programmes and teaching degree programmes leading to a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree are also accredited according to this procedure.

The aim of degree programme monitoring is to develop the individual degree programmes and ensure they are integrated well into their faculties. It is carried out through decentralised quality management at each faculty. As part of this monitoring each degree programme is assessed once every two years in order to evaluate the goals it has set, how they are being implemented and the resulting measures.

If problems with degree programme development are determined during the legal assessment or monitoring process, the responsible committee sets conditions which must be met within a specific deadline. The committee then carries out an assessment to confirm that the conditions have been met. If the conditions are not met in time, special measures are implemented. If a degree programme passes the initial assessment or fulfils the conditions set in the second part of the process in time, it has passed the FAU quality assurance procedure.