Lecture series (E)U against CO2: Water in the city – climate change challenges

Jul 12
July 12, 2022 6:15 pm - 7:45 pm

Protecting the environment is a goal that can only be reached if everyone pulls together – and this is exactly what our lecture series in summer semester 2022 (E)U against CO2: “Let’s Make Europe Better Together!” hopes to show . Scientists at FAU and the European EELISA partner universities are approaching the topic of protecting the environment from a number of different angles, for example anthropology, chemistry, energy process engineering, meteorology and the fashion industry.

What are the latest findings of the IPCC? Which method is most environmentally friendly when it comes to generating energy? Can we meet our climate objectives? How will our weather change in the coming years? These and other questions will be answered during the series of lectures.

The series of lectures is organized and moderated by students from the Students’ Representatives’ working group for ecology and sustainability at FAU.
Further information: https://www.fau.eu/2022/05/02/news/lecture-series-eu-against-co2-lets-make-europe-better-together/