Erasmus+ events at FAU

Events for external guests, internal events

Over the course of the academic year the Central Office for International Affairs (RIA), led by FAU’s Erasmus+ institutional co-ordinator Bianca Köndgen, runs various internal events for FAU members and guests from other German and international universities. In addition, the DAAD’s National Agency for EU Higher Education Cooperation (in German) and other higher education institutions offer a range of seminars and workshops.

Internal events at FAU

Once a year, usually in July, the Erasmus co-ordinators’ AGM is held in the Kollegienhaus in Erlangen. This meeting involves all Erasmus department co-ordinators at FAU (around 120). Current information on implementing the programme and the financial situation for the next academic year are presented there. In addition, faculty meetings involving RIA and the international representatives are held once a year. As the different FAU faculties have different structures and different needs, these meetings enable specific problems to be discussed and solutions to be found. If required, RIA assists with international days at the faculties and information events held by individual departments.

Events at FAU for external guests

Erasmus Staff Week at FAU

Every one or two years FAU runs its Erasmus Staff Week for guests from other countries. Information for guests is available under employee mobility. The aim of this event is to provide a specially-designed training programme for employees at partner universities’ international offices, enabling participants to discuss current trends and best-practice approaches in the field of internationalisation.

Information for guests

External staff events on Erasmus+

Every year the DAAD’s National Agency for EU Higher Education Cooperation (in German), the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training and the German Rectors’ Conference offer a wide range of events (in German). FAU employees may submit applications for funding towards travel expenses for these events via the Erasmus institutional co-ordinator.

Detailed information on Erasmus Staff Week is available on the FAU Intranet (in German).