Graduates of German schools abroad

Graduates of German schools abroad who want to start a degree programme at FAU receive particular support. The application procedure is based on the school-leaving qualification obtained.

Applying for a place at FAU

If you have obtained the German general higher education entrance qualification Abitur you are entitled to start a degree programme at any German university, irrespective of your nationality.

You have the same status as an applicant with a university entrance qualification obtained in Germany. This means that you can apply to and enrol at FAU just like any German prospective student.

Detailed information: Application and enrolment

If you have obtained a non-German school-leaving qualification at a German school or partner school in your home country or if you have obtained the International Baccalaureate and the Deutsches Sprachdiplom DSD II you can apply for a degree programme at FAU via the application procedure for applicants with a non-German university entrance qualification.

Detailed information: Applying with an international qualification

Advice and support for applications from graduates of German schools abroad

FAU is part of the Bavarian support initiative for German schools abroad and partner schools abroad (Bayerische Betreuungsinitiative Deutsche Auslands- und Partnerschulen – BayBIDS).

As part of this initiative, we visit German schools abroad to introduce pupils there to the University. We also organise and support visits to FAU for pupils of German schools abroad.

School leavers who apply for a degree programme at FAU can also apply for a one-year scholarship in the amount of 300 euros per month.

More information on these support programmes is available on the BayBiDS website: