Reporting emergencies and faults

How to report emergencies and faults


Police, fire brigade, ambulance: 112

(when calling from the FAU network there is no need to dial 09 for an external call)

Important internal telephone numbers:

How to act in case of fire or accident

Guidelines from the Unit of Occupational Safety

When making an emergency call, give the following details:

Where did the incident happen?

What happened?

How many people are affected?

What is the nature of their illness or injury?

Wait to answer any questions.

Provide a contact telephone number; this may be needed if you are required to direct the emergency services to your location, for example.

Do not hang up until the operator has finished asking questions and terminates the call.

Ensure you give any important additional information about the situation, such as if there is a fire, liquids have leaked, or someone is trapped.