University counselling service

University counselling service

The university counselling service is responsible for the following:

Conflict in the workplace can put considerable strain on individuals or whole teams, and may lead to health problems and have negative effects on a department’s or institute’s image.
FAU’s agreement on conflict in the workplace gives all employees the right – and explicitly encourages them – to contact the university counselling service if they experience sustained conflict or bullying at work while guaranteeing that doing so will not result in any negative consequences.

Our counselling on conflict includes:

  • Allowing those involved to express their emotions in a supportive and unbiased discussion
  • Providing constructive suggestions on how to act and how to work towards finding solutions
  • Helping individuals to develop their ability to deal with conflict and their willingness to deal with constructive conflict
  • Providing help and support for individuals experiencing bullying based on the agreement on conflict in the workplace
  • Restoring and maintaining individuals’ ability to work and workable structures
  • Improving communication and co-operation
  • Helping managers develop and strengthen their skills at managing staff and tasks effectively in the case of hierarchical conflict

If an employee is experiencing psychological stress or personal problems this may affect how they interact socially, which can in turn affect their performance and job satisfaction. Dealing with these issues ensures that they do not result in a vicious circle which may put the employee’s job at risk.

Our counselling service for people experiencing these problems include:

  • Providing an opportunity to release emotions
  • Helping to improve the circumstances at work and in social settings that are causing stress
  • Providing information on and referral to external services that can provide help
  • Improving individuals’ ability to work and ensuring their job is not put at risk

In recent years we have experienced an increasing demand for and willingness from staff with managerial responsibilities to take part in management coaching sessions which aim to ensure that they are equipped with the right skills to manage staff and tasks appropriately. This has lead to increased job satisfaction and productivity among staff.

We offer the following:

1. Advice for staff who are addicted or at risk of becoming addicted to an addictive substance and for their families

  • Clarification of the problem and the required treatment
  • Encouragement to increase motivation and willingness to seek treatment
  • Referral to inpatient and outpatient services for treatment
  • Support with occupational rehabilitation after inpatient treatment
  • Follow-up support and support maintaining abstinence

2. Advice and training for managers and colleagues regarding problems in the workplace related to addiction

  • Clarification of problem situations that have been identified
  • Advice on how to provide constructive support and work towards solutions with people affected by addiction
  • Support during team meetings
  • Support for managers in preparing to talk to employees about addiction problems in line with FAU’s agreement on addiction
  • Assistance from a member of the counselling service in an advisory capacity during intervention discussions
  • Training and information events for managers and other target groups

We offer:

  • Individual consultations
  • Team consultations
  • Information events and staff training

Our principles:

  • We treat all information that we receive confidentially.
  • We are unbiased and not influenced by hierarchies.
  • You can contact us without any bureaucratic hurdles.
  • Our service is open to all FAU employees.
  • Our service is free of charge.

Please call us to arrange an appointment.


Dieter Hack
Phone: +49 9131 8501003 or +49 160 95749716