FAUbox – cloud storage for all FAU members

Save, share and send files

Image: RRZE

Image: RRZE

With the FAUbox, the Regional Computer Centre Erlangen (RRZE) is offering all FAU staff and students a new service: 50 gigabytes of free storage on RRZE’s servers. Users can synchronise their data easily via app, desktop or web client. The service can be accessed at All FAU members need to log in is their IdM username and password.

Users can use the 50 GB of storage to keep existing data synchronised on several different devices and share their data with others. The large amount of storage also allows larger files to be exchanged.

Data security is prioritised

Using FAUbox is intuitive and works in a similar way to well-known cloud services such as Dropbox and Google Drive. However, FAU’s service is a particularly secure alternative to the free services available online. The data is stored at RRZE. It cannot be accessed by third parties unless someone explicitly gives them the rights to do so. The developer of the Powerfolder software the service is based on, is subject exclusively to German law and has received certification confirming that there are no back doors to its software. End-to-end encryption is also offered but this must be set up by the user.

The service also has a range of other useful functions. In addition to the standard services for synchronising and exchanging data, data can also be sent via a link. This reduces the load on the mail system and gets around the size limit for attachments in e-mails. The FAUbox also has an editing function that allows simple Office documents to be opened and edited. Video and audio files stored on the server can be viewed in the user’s browser.

Further information:

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