FAU QSKonzept

Quality assurance concept in accordance with Article 18 (3)(5) BayHSchPG

Objectives of FAU QSKonzept

FAU offers long-term career perspectives for the best scientists.


Under certain circumstances, FAU QSKonzept enables outstanding scientists at FAU to directly progress from W2 professorship to W3 professorship on a performance-orientated basis without submitting an application.


Progression to a higher career level is only possible if the candidate meets defined criteria in excellence and after an internal review.

The procedure

  • The FAU QSKonzept Board is the committee responsible for the procedure.
  • Any suggestions for suitable candidates are submitted to the QSKonzept Board by the President or the relevant Vice President only.
  • Direct applications are not possible.
  • If the suggestion is accepted, the internal review by the QSKonzept Board is followed by an appointment procedure for the candidate.
  • Appointments in accordance with FAU QSKonzept are not part of the internal appointment quota.


Please contact the Office of Faculty Recruitment (S-Ber) if you have any questions.

Karolin Benker-Kuchenreuther

Office of Faculty Recruitment

Dipl.-Sozw. Anja Damli

Department of Strategic Planning
Office of Faculty Recruitment

Ass. jur. Heike Mertin

Department of Strategic Planning
Office of Faculty Recruitment