The appointment procedure

The appointment procedure at FAU

If you would like to apply for a professorship at FAU, you will find a good overview of the appointment procedure at our University below. The procedure can be divided into eight steps:

Applications must be submitted via FAU’s online application portal: All application documents can be entered or uploaded in the portal. Applicants can see the status of their application such as ‘colloquium’ or ‘evaluation’. Applicants receive a confirmation of receipt after submitting their application.

The applications are reviewed and evaluated by the appointment committee. It consists mainly of professors in the subject, the women’s representative, students and research staff.

After an initial selection process, the most suitable applicants are invited to give an academic presentation, to give an observed lecture, and to attend an interview and meet the appointment committee. Each faculty has its own procedure for issuing invitations.

The appointment committee receives comparative evaluations and statements about the applicants for the further selection process.

Usually, three candidates or up to a maximum of five are selected and introduced to the Senate of FAU. The Senate issues a statement on this list and gives a recommendation to the President. The Executive Board decides whether the Senate’s recommendation should be followed.

The President has the legal right to make appointments. The first choice applicant receives a letter with an offer of appointment from the President. Usually, FAU works to ensure this appointment is made successfully within a period of 3 months. Negotiations may take place during this period. At the same time, the remaining applicants are informed of their place on the list and will be contacted by the University according to their position if negotiations fail with the first candidate.

After receiving the letter with the offer of appointment, the first candidate indicates their willingness to enter appointment negotiations. They are requested to inform the University of their expected salary and desired equipment. The applicant is invited to negotiations regarding salary and initial budgets with the President and Chancellor. They should bring specific requests to this meeting. Topics that may be discussed include dual careers, collaborations, office and laboratory space, positions and budgets.

If an agreement is reached, the candidate must confirm their acceptance of the appointment in a formal written letter to the president. The President’s Office then arranges a date for the appointment certificate to be presented.

At the same time, the faculty and the department make preparations for the professor to start work. The average duration of an appointment procedure is six to twelve months. FAU offers a comprehensive onboarding programme for newly-appointed professors.

Calls for applications for professorships at FAU can be found: